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secretary of defense. >> when he takes office, the first challenge he has is he'll be in the middle of the sequester fight meaning an automatic across-the-board cut for the defense budget and every other federal budget that is supposed to happen march 1. >> ifill: and we look at the big money groups supporting and attacking hagel's nomination. >> woodruff: we have two takes onhe war in mali, an on-the- ground report from the newly liberated town of gao... >> ifill: ...and an update on the destruction of ancient manuscripts in the fabled city of timbuktu. >> woodruff: and we close with the story of a soldier who underwent a successful rare double arm transplant, after losing all of his limbs in the iraq war. >> i hated not having arms. i was all right with not having legs. not having arms takes so much away from you out of even your personality. >> woodruff: that's all ahead on tonight's newshour. >> major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: >> viking river cruises. >> bnsf railway. >> and by the bill and melinda gates foundation. dedicated to the idea that all people
helps their case. >> the defense rests in the john leopold trial. when a verdict could be reached in the case. >> the ravens could be world champs at this time next week. >>> first, we were slipping and sliding. will tomorrow's commute be any better. let's take a lack at maryland's most accurate forecast. >> how about a different set of headaches. we'll have a somewhat challenging commute due to fog and not winter weather. right now we see a few light scattered showers. lower eastern shore reaching across from calvert county. here we go, clouds held tough. we were in for another gray dreary day. temperatures at the moment across central maryland just above freezing, which is good. upper 30s to mid-30s. as a result we're not worried about icy conditions, not to say if untreated spots stayed icy in corner areas you could have snow or ice sitting there but that will continue to melt. tonight i don't think we get down below freezing. milder air trying to get. it will be a chilly start but much mild ore -- milder. >>> the defense rested in the john leopold trial. we could get a verdict
to come tonight, the challenges ahead for a new defense secretary; war ravages mali, and destroys part of its cultural heritage; plus, a rare double arm transplant. but first, the other news of the day. here's hari sreenivasan. >> sreenivasan: a federal judge in new orleans gave the go-ahead today to a settlement with b.p. in the 2010 gulf oil disaster. the company agreed to plead guilty to manslaughter and other charges and to pay a record $4 billion in criminal penalties. the gulf disaster began with an oil rig explosion that killed 11 people. before the well was finally sealed, it spewed more than 200 million gallons of oil into the sea. senator john kerry of massachusetts was confirmed today to be secretary of state. the vote was 94-3, as the five- term democrat won the overwhelming approval of his colleagues. kerry is 69, and a former democratic presidential nominee. senators from both sides praised him in a rare show of bipartisan support. john has already built strong relationships with leaders across the world. which will allow him to step seamlessly into the role of secretary
luck, then you beat peyton manning and tom brady on the road and your defense-- which was suspect the whole year-- allows 14 points a a game in those three games then you start to say, you know, there's something going on here. and you start to look at them and say this is really not the ravens team that they appeared to be in december. but then 49ers come in and they've got this young stallion of a quarter back who runs as well as he throws and how about this? he runs for 181 yards in one playoff game against green bay then in the next playoff game he only runs one time on purpose for minus two yards. and so -- and he beats the atlanta falcons in the championship game with his arms, not his legs. so you're the ravens and you say what are we going to see kaepernick the runner? kaepernick the passer? some sort of hybrid guy who who's between? that's why there's so many interesting storylines in this game revolving not just around the people but the strategy. >> rose: there's also the story of both quarter backs, not only caber nick but flacco. >> rose: >> joe flacco is an amazing s
. the defense pointed out he never confessed. the testimony continues tomorrow morning. our other sort tonight, will his words work against him? the shooting suspect, robert gerry jr., once is a case transferred -- robert gladden jr wants his case transferred. >> barry simms is outside circuit court. >> the judge says he will continue -- considered remorse. robert gladden jr. had to listen about those issues. hours after the gunfire, police interviewed the suspects accused of bringing a shotgun to the campus and shooting in the cafeteria. in the interview, robert gladden jr. said he was tried to make a statement. he is trying to get his case transferred from adel to juvenile court. prosecutors are using his own worst to show he planned an attack and prove to reject -- toa judge in should be in any adult venue. the defense protested to recorded phone conversations in which gladden talked about the point of shooting, which seriously wounded a special needs child. the defense claimed it was not fair and statements would be taken out of context. the judge allowed it and gladden shows detectives ho
senator chuck hagel. why his pick for defense secretary could face a confirmation fight. >>> a health concern you need to know about. ground beef being recalled because it could be carrying salmonella. we'll have the details. patti ann: right now a food recall you need to know about. the fda issuing a warning about ground beef at the center after salmonella outbreak. rick folbaum has all the details from the breaking news desk. hi, rick. >> the cdc has been able to link this outbreak to two different businesses in the state of michigan. so far 16 people in five different states have gotten sick. this is a form of salmonella that can lead to severe diarrhea and fever and cramps. it is usually called by eating raw or undercooked beef and seven of the people who got sick all reported eating at the same restaurant beforehand. the two beef distributors involved, one of them is in troy, michigan, the other in sterling heights. both recalled about 500 pounds of beef each. the products involved were sold in supermarkets and as well as to restaurants. make sure if you have any ground beef in y
recently obtained dna guess. while they fit nicely into the state has theory, there is no hard defense the defense sai.d the wiretaps were given by members of maryland state police. the defense took that opportunity to ask about the second body that was found in the susquehanna the same day as phylicia. they ruled the second body a suicide but johnson's defense team said that they didn't do all they could to determine whether there was a connection between the two, the defense simply trying to place that possibility or doubt in the juror's mind. an exsperlt testified that phylicia barnes' last facebook was the day she was reported missing and within one hour had 20 unread messages. this trial is set to resume tomorrow. >>> an update to the breaking news story of suspended anne arundel county executive john leopold. a sentencing date has been set for march 14th. earlier this week a judge found him guilty on two counts of misconduct. the council will hold a hearing on monday to see if he will stay in office but leopold's attorney said that can't happen until he's been sentenced. >>> we'v
wright's lawyers said it was an act of self-defense and he was acting to protect the public from what they describe as a dangerous woman. it was back on february 9th, 2012, that patricia cook was sitting in her parked car at a lot at epiphany catholic school. she refused to leave even when confronted by a school administrator. when the officer arrived, she declined to hand over or driver's license. the defense said she rolled up her withino and the officer grabbed for it, trapping his hand and began to drive. he fired because he felt his life was in danger. prosecutors say he kept firing after the car moved away from him and told the jury his actions were unjustified and excessive. both sides agree that cook had a metallic sunscreen sitting across her windshield. when she pulled away, it was still there. she was heading on to the street driving blind. harmon wright kept shooting because she was a threat to the public. patricia cook was struck by multiple bull thes and died at the scene. harmon wright was terminated as an employee of the culpeper police department. that was last june a
storage again, similar to this one. defense lawyers for michael johnson tried to paint her as a bad influence on phylicia barnes and suspicious of for for telling michael johnson about a new man in her life. that a video was sealed by the judge. >> closing arguments are set to tomorrow and the misconduct trial of john lÉopold. he did not take the witness stand in his own defense. his lawyers rested, calling on one of his doctors and the county personnel director. defense pushed the judge to throw out the case claiming that allegations by prosecutors did not constitute crimes. he has denied that request. death penalty opponents rally today in annapolis demanding legislators abolish it and use the savings to beef up law enforcement. david collins did a fact check on one of the arguments. >> legislators often say prosecutors need the death penalty so they can use it as leverage. we contacted prosecutors in all 24 districts and ask them whether that was true. but at some surprising answers. -- we got some surprising answers. death penalty opponents from across the state converged on la
the group and how they fit into the wider global terror network. >> the white house on defense over defense secretary nominee chuck hagel's explosive and contentious senate hearing. what are the chances that he'll get confirmed. >>> the dow closing above 14,000 for the very first time in years. will it continue? that's the big question. >>> but up first some brand new developments this out of alabama. that's where a 5-year-old boy remains hostage in an underground bunker. at this hour authorities sent a special message to the man holding him there, jimmy lee dykes. the standoff began five days ago when police say dykes kidnapped the boy from his school bus after shooting the driver. jonathan serrie is live at the scene in midland city, alabama. what's the latest? >> reporter: no resolution as the hostage standoff goes into a fifth afternoon. however, authorities say they are in constant communication with 65-year-old jimmy lee dykes communicating through the pvc pipe that provides ventilation from the surface to his underground bunker. authorities say they have no reason to believe that any
will have the biggest impact pn the ssper bowl... offensivv... defensive... oo &pspecial teams? go... to... fox- baltimore dot com .../ tell us... what you off... thru... -3&pfacebook.../. send... or us... a tweet.. at foxbaltimore.../. 33 we aae you covered on our website... ll the way leading up to super bbol sunday.head to foo baltiiooee dot com and click oo he - "ray's last ide" banner at the top of the screen. yyu'll see interviewsswith the ppayers... stories on tte ravens super bowl run.. and - links to other super bowl related sites. ou an also click on "haabaugh versus harbaauh" to find a page &&pdedicated o super bowl 477 it has all the pnformationn eading up to thii sunday's game... and accs on aal 46 past super bowls geet started bb going to fox 3 3 first ssow, then some freezzng rrin.a meesy morning for commmters.but is there a silver liiing? -3 linnng?chief meteorologist vytas eid joins us with news - of what could be a warm up on - thh way... vytas. 3 3 today urors wwtched aavideo of
obama's take to lead the department of defense begins the confirmation process. >> lawmakers are not sure chuck hagel is the right person for the pentagon. >> hallie jackson has more. >> chuck hagel answered more than 100 written questions. today he will answer many more in person as his confirmation hearing begins. some senators said they would oppose his nomination for secretary of defense because of this stance on iran and israel. the defense budget is almost certain to come up because of cuts set to be triggered in march. >> hallie jackson, thank you. >> 5:27. >> the effort to remove john leopold is in the works but is it legal? i will have details coming up. franciotti live in new orleans where the ravens fans are coming. fans are coming. >> you're watching wbal-tv 11. live, local, late-breaking. this is 11 news today at 5:00 a.m. >> good morning. welcome back to 11 news today. i am sarah caldwell. >> i am stan stovall. testimony resumes today for a high school student will have this case transferred to juvenile court. his attorney said the teenager made a horrible mista
ade a pass at phylicia thaa same night. but johnson's defense team maantains that none of that... provesstheei 3 members offa grand jjry makk some sttrtling rrvelations about the jonbenet ramsey case. founn dead in the basement of her paaents' colorado home in ssvveal jurors say the grand jurr votee to nnictt the ramseys on chhrges of child abuse resulting in death. despite theereccmmendation.. the district atttrney deciied -& not to ffle chargee nd cleared ramsey's arenns of &pany wrongdoing. 3 "theeboy sccuts of americc" is considering changing its stance on ggy -3 membbes. he months after the organization -&preaffirmed its policc f & that ecision was reached lass &pjjly after a nearly 2-yeer evaluution. tte move came undee eavy criticism....eeen preeident &obama opposed the ban. -3&pphe announcement issexpeeted -3 nni wallenda tackles yet anotter death defyyng stunt. laaer today... the daredevil will walk on a wiie 180 feet above the ground in ssrasota, commission gaveehim permission too ross a
. defense secretary. president to ssrve as the first enlisted -3 hagel would be if confirmed... nuclear weapons. issael... ran and past commennsson his party wwo havv his paatyywho have will face -3 criiics in frommnebraska term senator secretary.defensee nomination or committee holls a ssrvices ommmttee holds a hearing onnhis nomination for defense seccetary. thee 3 chhllenggd his past ccmments on isrrel... iran nn i comments onnchaalenged his his party who have ill face crittcc in term senator the former two-secretary. 3 a serrices the senate armed be testtfying later repubbican 3 3-& 3 joel. 3 3 3- right now epubliian chuck hhgel is testifying as the ssnatt armed services his nomination ffr defense pecretary. the formmr tww- &pterm senator from nebraskk &pwill face crittcs n hissparty -3 comments on srael... iran and -nncllar weapons. if the first enlisted maa tt psrve as defense secretary. 3 hagel to sscceed leon panetta. a reeall today... &piivolvinn thousands of toyota vehicles. vehhclee..he auto ccmpany is repor
for them and feed them, when we eliminate those services, later on in life we will have chronic defenses that we will have to deal with and that will increase health costs over time. we're looking at a short-term fix, but i think it's going to be a long-term problem. >> doctors have to really be committed to see these patients, because it might force some doctors not to take medicaid patients at all, or is that a stretch? what do you think? >> it's not a stretch, ed. and not just medicaid, but also medicare. three years ago, i would refer several patients to some specialists in the area, and they were no longer taking new medicare patients. and now with threats for reimbursement with medicare and medicaid, many of my colleagues are not taking either insurance. so the primary physicians are stuck with trying to manage chronic illnesses and diseases that are quite difficult when you need endocrinologieses and obgyns in referring out for specialists and help. everyone i know that is a physician went into this field to help people. that's why i participate with the national association of fr
and secretary of defense to get along really well. there is some natural tension there. and she engaged and she and panetta got along fabulous. >> warner: speak of secretary of defense, chuck hagel who david, president wants to be, the secretary of defense, hearing yesterday confirmation hearing before the senate, pretty rough going. what did you take away from that. >> i thought it was terrible. i thought he did a very poor job. we interviewed him, mark and i said nice things about him. i internal enjoyed the interviews hi with him but he really did a bad job. he projected weakness which is not something you want in a secretary of defense. conot even respond to pressure from senators with any divorce or vigor. he project aid guy who hadn't prepared. some of these questions were obvious about the surge, about some of the things he said on al jazeera. you have to have an answer. it's like somebody without walks into a big home of their life without having done their homework. so i still think he will be confirmed. on more or less party-line votes but if it was up to sort of a looking for a boost
alone on what she described as her dream vacation. >>> the defense has started presenting its case in a murder trial in phoenix. jodi arias admitted to killing her boyfriend. she says, though, it was all in self-defense. with mo >> reporter: jodi arias listens as her lawyers call witnesses to the stab. she's accused of stabbing 29-year-old travis alexander 30 times and shooting him in the head. the defense may call arias to the stand this week. legal analyst dan abrams says that move could be a big gamble. >> on the one hand, by calling jodi arias, you are increasing the chances she could get a lesser conviction and also increasing the chances she gets the death penalty. >> reporter: she said they broke up but continued a sexual relationship. prosecutors have shown the jury gruesome evidence from the crime scene, including a picture of alexander in the shower, just before they say he was murdered. the prosecutor says she killed him in a fit of jealous rage. arias' lawyers say she was the victim of abuse by alexander. her story has changed a few times. first she told police she wasn
. this is defense spending over time. kind of random, in one quarter, defense spending goes up and down, all over the map. that doesn't say anything about defense policy, just a characteristic of how the pentagon spends. it happens in fits and starts for a bunch of different reasons. the defense spending chart is what economics geeks call lumpy. but when it gets lumpy, drops sharply, gdp goes down. the last big dip on the defense spending chart there, the really big dip there? that is last quarter, the one where we had the overall shrinkage. the only other big plunge in defense spending coincided with the unexpectedly bad economic quarter for the whole year. the other thing, i say this about policy, it is just about the scale of how much we spend on defense. we spend so much money on defense that when we stop spending all of a sudden the economy really feels it. defense spending jumps around a lot for a lot of different reasons. and when it jumps way down like it did last quarter, that is when we get the square economic growths alert like we did today. we'll be right back. [ mom ] 3 days into sch
lÉopold is accused of misconduct in office. >> hit defense asked the judge to throw the charges out once again. >> the defense rested to date and the judge decided not to toss out the full remaining charges. one thing that did not happen today, and john lÉopold did not take the witness stand to explain his actions. anne arundel county executive john lÉopold and his defense attorneys made no comment while leaving circuit court. the attorneys are saving their final arguments for the judge who must decide whether lÉopold is guilty and if he inappropriately used county money for his own benefit. >> the fact remains that the evidence is out there, the actions were completely irresponsible, immoral, and destructive to county resources. >> former county employee continues watching the case. her lawsuit against the county executive accuses lÉopold of harassment and retaliation. >> people want to know what he was thinking by having police officers try 45 minutes and delivered newspapers. the accumulation of the activities is horrible. >> prosecutors accused lÉopold of this using members of t
publicly apologized for the statements and they rushed for his defense. >> he is young and unfortunate it came off the way it came off. i know he didn't mean it in his heart. >> whether he meant hit or not, it came from curious from a team from san francisco. at his news conference, head coach jim harbaugh apologized for the organization when he told reporters that it didn't reflect the way players feel. >> there wasn't malice in his heart. he is not that kind of person. he is not a ugly person. he is not a discriminating person. >> it's not the players and coaches that culliver must convince, it's the fans. >> i want to offend anyone. that was an ugly comment. that is not what i feel in my heart. i hope i can learn and grow from this experience and situation. >> reporter: they had a meeting with the coach but neither would say what was said. the only true glimpse when get into his heart will come when the kickoff happens on sunday. >>> the gay community is paying close attention to his remarks. the executive director of san francisco lbgt center says it shines the spotlight on an ongo
of sort of crystalizing what it is his job is. you know, when you are secretary of defense, yes, you are part of the decision-making team for the national security in this country. but at the end of the day, you don't operate in a vacuum. you know, you operate with the secretary of state, the national security advisor and at the end of the day president barack obama is the one who makes decisions. you take out those decisions. to some extent. i had this conversation. i was sort of dealing with this in my mind. they were trying to get him on iran and, like he is horrible on iran. at the end of the day, you know, to some extent the military the defense department is in a vacuum here unless the president orders military the defense department really doesn't -- it's irrelevant whether or not he believes in sanctions or not. >> i think it's pretty ridiculous what these meetings have turned into with cabinet members. we saw it more after barack obama is president. this is chuck hagel, a bona fide war hero a veteran, a republican. >> check. >> a former senator
offer a verdict as early as today. the defense wrapped up the testimony yesterday leopold faces three counts of misconduct in aves and one count of fraud. he did not take the stand in his defense. yesterday, the defense called another doctor who vouched for leopold's back problems and the personnel officer for county government said leopold returned 5,000 dollars after a mandatory pay raise. the judge allowed four charges to stick after a second attempt to have them dropped. >>> carla hamner who filed her civil lawsuit against leopold has been in the courtroom every day watching this case. >> the citizens of anne arundel county were promised an explanation as to this -- there was another side to this story and no one knew anything about. and i am not seeing an explanation. i am literally seeing excuses. >> the case resumes at 9 this morning. if leopold is found guilty he could face prison time or be voted out of office by county council. >>> the phylicia barnes murder trial continues today. yesterday jurors saw a sex tape involving phylicia her sister and the defendant and his younger
last year when he shot and killed patricia cook when she was sitting in a jeep. he claimed it was self-defense, that she trapped his arm in the window and dragged him. prosecutors say otherwise. that it was a case of excessive force and turned into murder. the jury deliberated three hours. they went home for the evening and will be back at it tomorrow. >>> an update on the student of virginia who said he saw a gunman on the campus. brian harrison is facing federal charges, accused of calling 911 last wednesday night. the school was immediately put on lockdown. e-mails went out. an hour later he admitted to police he made the whole thing up. >>> congress has finally passed a disaster relief package for the victims of super storm sandy and it amounts to $50 billion. the money goes to families and businesses up and down the east coast who need to rebuild following the damage done by sandy back in october. >>> we are less than a week now from the big game superbowl xlvii. ravens v. 49ers. >> we've got you covered here on wusa 9 with all the blitz and the glitz. our kristen berset is live in the bi
the relationship between the two. johnson's defense team now the -- knew the state was going to show it and said the following. >> you can separate the mindset of there being a minor child involved. imagine your run of the mill college kids in a coed situation where there's four people engaged in sex in the same vicinity. what's disturbing about this is one of them happened to be assist ter. >> trying to paint the 29-year-old-year-old as irresponsible. deena allowed her to be in activities not suitable for a 16-year-old goirl girl. that deena was anything but a modern guardian. deena testified with that in the hours after phylicia was missing, she noticed a tote was gone. the trial resumes tomorrow morning. brian kuebler, abc2 news. >>> anne arundel county executive john leopold does not take the stand in his own defense. testimony wrapped up just after six days. this morning the defense called another doctor who vouched for leopold's back problems. also, leopold returned a $5,000 after a voluntary may raise. >> the judge is moving forward with the charges against him. i who see that as a good s
of that from today. >> what makes this year so special for this team? >> we put together the defensive piece. the emergence of torrey smith and the vertical game. and dixon to give him the interimmediate. and ray to continue development. each of those pieces built a collective picture that you see right now that's pretty darn good. >> much different when you won the super bowl. ravens were known for that defense. now they have become very offensive minded as well. when you seen flacco improve over the last five years, he takes a lot of flak as well. what is it about him that you have been impressed with this season and his career so far? >> under that kind of criticism because when you do it on a team that has been as good as they have been, ultimately that focus is going to come back to you, even though as evidence by last year's championship game, it certainly wasn't joe flacco that kept them out of the super bowl, but that criticism comes until you get there. now he's there. and that should remove a little bit of that burden of credentials for him. >> now you coached ray. it is his fin
not understandable] leopold didn't take the stand in his defense. abc2 news sherrie johnson reports there could be a verdict and we have had explosive testimony from everyone poo worked for leopold and closing arguments are happening today. here's sherrie johnson. >> reporter: yes, that's right. closing arguments are scheduled for 9 this morning in the case of john leopold. the judge coo co reach a verdict as early as today. leopold's team wrapped up the case yesterday. county executive never took stand in his defense. leopold faces three counts of misconduct and one count of fraud for allegedly miss using county money. the state has said leopold abused his power by having his county paid security officers sit in a bowling alley parking lot while he had sex in another car. he may have lacked judgment but what he did was not illegal. yesterday, the defense called another doctor who vouched for leopold's back problems also the personnel officer for county government said leopold returned 5,000 dollars after a mandatory pay raise. the judge allowed the four charges to stick after a second attempt
. harmon-wright said she rolled his arm up in the window. he claimed he shot in self- defense and to protect the public. the jury didn't buy it. here's what pat cook's brother and the prosecutor had to say. >> you heard the defendant at the end of his testimony say he would do the exact same thing over again. so i feel that it is important to reinforce the message that that's the wrong attitude. >> my sister shouldn't have been shot on that day. and however you call it, it doesn't really matter. and hopefully there will be healing for everybody on both sides of this. >> reporter: if daniel harmon- wright had been convicted of the most serious charge, murder one, he would have faced 20 years to life in prison. but now he is facing anywhere from zero to 25 years. the jury comes back tomorrow for the sentencing phase. they'll hear both sides and then recommend a sentence. at a later date, the judge will either agree with that sentence or reduce it. reporting in culpeper, peggy fox, wusa 9. >>> new at 11:00, a county executive now suspended from his office after a judge found him
. >>> chuck hagel got the nod today to be the next secretary of defense. stanley mcchrystal and michael hayden both say hagel is a fine choice. hagel earned two purple hearts in the vietnam war, his confirmation hearing is set to begin thursday. >>> japan has launched two surveillance satellites to help keep an eye on north korea. defense officials are threatening to carry out a nuclear test and more long range rocket launches. the u.s. security council expanded sanctions against north korea this week and condemned the country for last month's launch. >>> 233 people killed in a nightclub fire in southeast brazil. some burned to death, some were trampled, some overcome by smoke. it happened when the jam packed nightclub suddenly caught fire aeb many of these victims didn't stand a chance. on the scene right now, rescuers are still picking through the burned rubble, cnn's sshasta darlington. >> reporter: smoke filled the air when the first firefighters entered the nightclub. where shirtless men were already trying to rescue some of the injured. emergency vehicles arrived not realizing the extent
included an assault will being used defensively at all, or a high-capacity magazine. in fact, there were 14 such cases in your appendix. in nine of the cases, in nine of the cases, the assailants fled as soon as a shot was fired. in two of your cases, the possible criminals fled as soon as they saw a gun. as soon as they saw a woman with a gun, they fled. there were only five cases in which -- in which anything else happened involving a shot from them. i want to move on to the chief. and then i'll come back to you, gail. chief johnson, i want to ask you a question. you did not hear in that testimony today a single example of anyone in america, male or female, successfully defending themselves from some kind of attack or intrusion with an assault weapon or high capacity magazine. and the hearing was about that use of that kind of equipment specifically. and every single point we heard from gail, anybody else was about people using traditional firearms. and chief, using them successfully. they were all stories of people who proved they don't need these weapons. >> there was no evidence or no
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